Monday, October 24, 2011

2-day free accommodation anywhere in the world

If you were given a 2-day free accommodation at Hilton hotel located anywhere in the world, where would you go?




Hong Kong?

New York?


Or just stay in your own country?

Is it worth it to spent thousands on the return flight tickets to go across the globe, just because you get the 2-day free accommodation covered?
Is two days enough for overseas vacation?


Kak Inni said...

klu 2 days confirm akak dok kat kl jer... klu 10 days bole la gi tmpt2 yg jelita suggestkan kat atas tu ;-)

lil sharky said...

Definitely need more than 2 nites if you were to travel abroad.
What about Hilton Singapore? Since you get free stay at the hotel then you'll have extra money for shopping!

fiezachommel said...

Singapore will be great.Lucky u....

jelita78 said...

thanks kak Inni..
tu laa pasal.. rasa mcm tak cukuppp jer kan.. tambah penat lagi, adalah kot..

jelita78 said...

lil sharky & fiezachommel > thanks for the suggestion!
i think we'll be staying at hilton singapore and buy the USS tickets!
hope this plan works!

Katherine said...

I would pay a little more and stay longer at Hilton London :)

jelita78 said...

Hey Katherine!
I'd love that too.
If only the return flight tickets to London cost cheaper than RM3400 per pax!


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