Friday, October 07, 2011

Forgettable Bridesmaid

Watched this film a few nights back, and well, lets just say I can hardly recall it.
Of course, different people have different review on films.
So, this is just me going against this acclaimed US box office success.
It's about Annie's best friend Lilian's getting married.
During Lilian's engagement party, Annie met other four bridesmaids which are Lilian's cousin, future sis-in-law, some friend and her fiancée-boss's wife who claimed to be the best buds of all which to sum it all up, ended up in rival with Annie in proving who's the most closest friend of all to Lilian.
The series of unfortunate events that follows basically relates to these bridesmaids spending time with Lilian, picking out the bridesmaids dresses, planning for bachelorette party and finally the huge wedding ceremony.
Annie became the maid-of-dishonour but of course like any other romantic comedy, the heroin will pull through in the end.
Oh wait, did I just say romantic?
Yes, the only thing that crystal clear in my mind is the officer Nathan.
Seamed to be having a crush at Annie, who was in a casual-sex relationship with Ted.
Oh thank god for Chris O'Dowd being the nerdy cute and so down-to-earth, that solely made me stay until the end of this movie.
Of course, you can guess, happy ending to all.

Caution : Not to watch with your kids because of the several sex scenes and explicit language used.

(pics and info googled from the net)


  1. bowwwringgggg~~~~ i siap tgk wayang lagik.. nyesal!

  2. I really disliked this movie. I put off watching it because it came out shortly before my wedding and I didn't want to think about other weddings and things that could go wrong. I know people who really liked this but it is not my sense of humor. There were a lot of parts where the movie expects you to laugh at someone making a fool of themselves, but I just feel really bad for them. And the characters were horrible people, so I didn't really care if it worked out for them of not. The cop guy was the only one I wanted it to work out for since he was cute and nice, but I would have been fine if they stuck him with a different nice girl at the end who deserves someone like him. Yeah, so cheap jokes and bad characters, that's what I thought, but I guess that makes a movie do well right now in the US theaters. But I often question the mass popular opinion of the public....

  3. cynthia huneyy, well said!
    i totally don't get whats the box office rating was all about.
    hah, i see that i'm not the only one watching it till the end just because of officer nathan!
    thank god for him! hehehe

  4. qistina!
    u watched it at the cinema?
    ouch.. that must hurt!


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