Saturday, January 28, 2012

COACH 70th Anniversary Catalogue with FREE bag!

Hiyeee gorgeous readers!!
Long time no propper blogging aye..
Well, I have been bz, and not to mention, feeling crappy.. sorry for that..
But nevertheless, today is THE day.
I just have to make this post, especially for Coach-buddies of mine.

I'm not sure if I'm the last one to discover this, but as I was visiting KLCC Kinokuniya bookstore a few hours ago, I bumped into these stacks of display, located at the Chinese/ Japanese section.
I wondered what on earth they are.
As there were no opened magazines / packages for me to inspect.
All are tightly sealed.

Once a COACH fan, will always be a COACH fan.
Hence, that leaves me no choice.. but to buy one for myself.
RM88.20, with a 20% discount.

From the sideways look, you can see the magazine is kinda thin, but there's a thick box attached to it.

And how did I know there's something inside?
Well, this sticker on the front cover, of course.

I don't read nor buy Chinese/ Japanese books, but there's always something special like this at this part of Kino sections. 
Once gotten a free Lesportsac purse before too, back in 2009.
Moving on..
Stripping the plastic seals carefully, and onto the magazine cover.

As expected, beautiful original COACH legacy prints.

Next page, no surprise, everything in Chinese language, with a few alphabet characters thrown in between here and there, for idiots like me to still be able to enjoy it.. bwahahhaa

Which then I realised it is actually  the 70th Anniversary catalogue.

Enough about the catalogue, moving on to the main dish shall we..

Here's the box that is glued to the back of the catalogue.

Such a busy print.

Material = plastic

Immediate guess = a huge toiletries bag!

Hmm.. let me rephrase that..
It's actually a removable toiletries bag, to be exact.

There's the magnetic snaps allowing it to be separated from the busy-print-cover.

And the cover has some extra compartments too, if you must know.

You'll have the option of going with the naked transparent toiletries bag..
like this..

Or, you can snap its coat back on..

And take it out as an eye-popping-groovy-smokin-hot looking clutch!

Now.. back to the catalogue.. aaahhh..
Here's the one and only page about the free gift thingy..

Which I still have no idea what it is called, because I don't know how to read Chinese.. bwahahha..
So, let me know, if you knew.

There's a portion in the catalogue mentioning about Taipei..
And as I googled the net, I sensed that this could be a special edition released to mark the launching of COACH 70th Anniversary Collection at Taipei store, somewhere in October 2011.
I believe this has only recently arrived at Kinokuniya.
Hence, if you're interested, better hurry and get it while stocks last.

Have a great weekend ya'ols!


  1. cantik la sayanggggg!!!!!!

  2. That snap out part is great for travel - since liquids are limited and have to be put through security separately, that part is perfect for that. Cute and handy for travel!

  3. akak!!! ade lg ke?? RM88???

  4. qis - cepat soh your siblings pi beli.. sementara stock masih ada.. hehe

  5. hiyeee cz22 !!
    great idea!
    although it is very RARE for me to go traveling, still, good to know i have it prepared.

  6. IQWA, ada laaa..
    banyak lagi..
    bila hang nak mai KL ni?

  7. Very nice!!!
    So chic looking bag

  8. thanks sharky!
    mcm sayang laa plak nak guna as toiletries bag, sumbat segala berus gigi bagai..
    maybe i'll use it as a clutch!

  9. nanges tau tgk... akak baca entry jelita ni lewat skit ari sabtu tu klu tak harus akak msk grab jgk coz sabtu tuari akak pun ada kat klcc and betul2 seblh kinokuniya tp sbb this time hbby nak cepat so tak sempat nak bwk anak2 msk... huhuhuuu

  10. adussss Kak Inni !!!
    so sorry laa..
    i pon accidentally stumbled onto it.
    if it wasnt for my kids running around in that area, i wouldn't have discovered it either.

    kita pegi lagi weekend ni, ok?

  11. Gosh, bersusah payah ni gi KLCC and grab it, banyak lagi pun..jgn risau

  12. hiyeee nurman!
    waaahh rajinnyer..
    ni utk wifey ke diri sendiri ni?

  13. haha, I'm a loving husband what?? Kalau I pakai..soo outstanding

  14. Awwwww
    So schweett of u Nurman!
    Nnt bgtau wifey kita pakai toiletries bag coach sesama kat spital time bersalin nnt wokey? Hahahaha

  15. haha ye la ek, dia pun ada mention nak pakai masa bersalin nanti, btw even though toilettaries bag ni besar muat tau dalam Sabrina. Bila your due?My wife 25 Mac

  16. uiksss.. awal tu..
    my due insyaAllah 10th april.
    janji dapat pakai toiletries pouch ni.. hahaha..

    ha-ah.. mestilah muat..
    sabrina kan very spacious!

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