Saturday, March 31, 2012

Annual Routine

The Date : 31st March 2012
The Event : Arif's and Mommy's Birthday Celebration
Venue : Home sweet home  

Same as last year, BBQ and cakes and puddings flooded the event.
The difference is that this time we get to use the new Tefal ultra compact electric grill. 
Hence, no more charcoal and fumes poking the eyeballs of the master-chef.

Million thanks to all our beloved relatives for spending your weekend with us.
It means a lot.
(Missing was the chatty Acik Hajar who's currently studying in London)

Special cake ordered this time, was the Rainbow cake, with M&M's flooded on top.

Highlights of the event, of course, opening the presents.

In split seconds.. Oh how we pity those wrappers..

Although sharing is caring, Amin will get to play all of Arif's presents / toys.
But still, we prepared one especially for him.



  1. Happy Birthday dear! Mana gambar terbaru? Nak tgk tummy....

  2. thanks dear..
    haha.. i sibuk amik gambar..
    pics sendiri tadak..
    pl.. akan diusahakan tummy pics..


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