Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Designer Disaster

What have I gotten myself into this time?
Yes, I am known to be trapped in the designer handbags zone.
But who would have thought that I'd be so caught up with designer clothing now?

So, yeah, we read it all the time about designer collaboration such as Missoni for Target, Lanvin for H&M, Versace for H&M, Rei Kawakubo’s for H&M and the ever so epic Karl Lagerfeld for H&M in 2004.
But those all were not in Malaysia.
We, Malaysian, are nowhere near such designer hype.
We do not go nuts for international designers because they're not brought into here.
We just swoon from far far away land, through the internet and E!News.
Yeah, lame-o-us.
But who cares right?
We are born and trained to stay calm.
So, thats what I thought.
Little did I know, I was dead WRONG!

Started with 6th June 2012, news spread from one local news to another that Rizalman is collaborating with Tesco in releasing several clothes special for this upcoming Eid-ul Fitr.
This released is called 20-by-Rizalman and shall be available for all the hobbits in July 2012 at 20 Tesco stores around peninsular.

Rizalman who?
Ohhhh.. that Rizalman.
Who designs clothes for the Malaysian royalty and actress and singers and socialites.
Yeah, what about him?
Baju Raya?
Cheapest is RM180?
Max is RM250?

Since it is available at Tesco, and we have Tesco Shah Alam, Tesco Mutiara Damansara and Tesco Puchong nearby to the house, hubby agreed to take me on my quest in search for MY Rizalman.
First day, Tesco Shah Alam.
Ohhh sooo many choices.
But.. But.. But.. where's XL ??
Demmit.. no XL size!!
What do you mean all finished? Crazy!
Second day, Tesco Puchong.. same-o-no-XL.
Frustrating, really.
I'm not that fat ok!
I'm just big size, 165cm tall with wide shoulder and hip bones.
I can fit into L but then my monkey arms and bulging ankles will poke other people's eyes!
We had to pause the hunt and wait for the following weekend to pursue my quest for XL since both of us are working.

Third trip, we drove all the way to Tesco Ampang after getting WhatsApp by an office mate that she saw a few XL the day before.
Not exactly the designs that I wanted, but I caved in and bought two.
Final trip, Tesco Mutiara Damansara, since it is near to our house.
Hoping and wishing.
Managed to get the very last one standing.
Overall achievement, three Gold Medal! 

I am one happy mommy, despite having to drag all my 3 kids along the journey.
Well, I thought I was.
Jovian came along!
What the h....
Who the h....
Oh oh..
Here we go again.

Jovian Mandagie.
Who designs clothes for the Malaysian royalty and actress and singers and socialites.
Well known for couture wear and JM bridal collections.
Yeah, what about him?
Baju Raya?
Max is RM400?

Now comes the hard part.
First Lady Boutique.
Only one is near to me, and that is Plaza Alam Central.
And by following instagram #jovianrtw, I found out that it has been jammed packed since wee morning.

Having 3 kids in tow, hubby said it's best to just go via Zalora.com for the online option.
Oh gosh.
This cracked my brains.
Because Jovian came out with designs selections more than Rizalman.
Can you possibly imagine the pain that I had to go through to made up my mind on which to grab?
And worst part of all, was that I had to do it virtually!
Without feeling the material.
Without seeing the exact shades and beading and lace trim.
Without fitting it onto myself.

To go purchase via online, was definitely not the best plan.
Online is more disastrous than reality.
Because the crowd could be 10, 20 or 100 times more than those ransacking the boutiques.

As expected, all XL sizes of the designs that I am aiming for, sold out in less than five mouse clicks!

But hey, look, not all the collections are up for grabs.
Where's the rest of them?
Now we know that Jovian is releasing them in batches.
So, there's still chances of me getting them in my size.
Fuhhh.. breathe in .. breathe out.. stay calm..

After sulking for a few days, without realizing it, Jovian released a second batch.
Thought it was just restocking on Zalora, but hooraaahhh, new designs!
Click here and there, then again, too late for me to get what I wanted, in XL size.
This was stressful.
Very.. very.. stressful.

What on earth is going on here?
Has somebody been haggling all the XL sizes?
Is there an XL underground club that I am not aware off??
Demmiiitttt !!

They say third time's a charm..
Heck! Yeah, right! Pffftttt!

Same old thing happened.
On Zalora.com, for the third Jovian released, I have once again unsuccessfully grabbed my choice of XL clothes.
Well, to be exact, I had them both in my shopping cart, right at 10.14pm, that's 4 minutes after Zalora released the batch for sale.
All of a sudden, the website started giving me error notification.
I kept refreshing and re-clicking the mouse selecting them into my shopping cart.
Unfortunately, by the 6th minutes, all XL sizes are gone.


That's the end of it.

So, I thought.

Hmm.. not quite.
Jovian has a secret plan up his sleeves.
A finale.

I don't know what to think, or hope, or wish for anymore.
Should I give up?
Or die trying?


Side note :
If anybody sees these in size XL and available for grabs, please let me know / sell it to me.
I'm desperate.

*(pics googled from the net)


  1. sayang.. i prefer jovian drpd rizalman. hehehe.. tapi qistina dah shopping empat baju raya sebelummmmmm tau jovian n rizalman ni jual baju harga murah.hahahaha.melepas!

  2. Really?
    Yeah, jovian does have more detailing seen on his designs.
    alahai beb, fedulik laa.. baju raya tahun ni kita pakai laa tahun depan, apa salahnya..
    tahun ni pakai jovian!

  3. u cuba tgk kat fb Jovian,ramai je yg jual balik bila saiz tak ngam..nnt kalo i g tesco alor setar ada design yg u nak in ur size i bgtau u okeh..coz kat sini bnyk jer baju rizalman..

  4. Wow gigih ni carik baju raya...yes try FB Jovian, org sibuk posting nak cari size itu dan ini

  5. Hi babe,
    lets meetup n I give free conslutation on how to kecikkan those lengan n mana2 tpt yg sewaktu dengannya. Trust me, m not talking about Slim but we can hv more than that..a perfectttt figure indeed.

    WA 012-2048141 me fr a date ok. Nxt raya for sure bole cun2 pakai Jovian :)

    I share bcoz I care :)


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