Monday, July 16, 2012

Instagram fever

I've just discovered Instagram.
Yeah, I'm late, I know.
Well, I'm not the social media type either, so, that's forgiven, I guess.
My friend Elin, Nini and Yaya were the ones who introduced me to this.
At first I registered only to view their pics.
Then I got sick of Elin posting all these food she cooked!
Demm that woman has the jamie-oliver-i-can-cook-quickly-and-delicious trait!
And then Yaya tempted me with her bags piccies.
Oh the devil!
And Nini with her beautiful experimental shots.
Which then tempted me to try snapping piccies of my own.
I think I got carried away too much today.
It's hard enough for me to post one pic a day, but today I posted 3!
That is way overloaded, for me.
Then suddenly it made me miss my blog.
Which I have been neglecting for sometime.
Hence, I figured, I'm gonna post my Instagram pics here today.
So, here they are..

First pic:
I was wearing a cotton floral baju kurung prints to work today.
And instead of just using this Cath Kidston Box Bag as my EBM carrier, I emptied my cooler container and took it out to lunch with me.
While waiting for the food, I realised that I was too crowded with flowers.
Hence note to self : Do not carry flower prints bag while wearing floral prints clothes !
Too much, even my eyes hurt!

After some false alarm last week, it finally rained today!
Alhamdulillah.. love the cool breeze and the fresh smell after the rain.
Which gave Arif, the reason to wear his elmo-rain-poncho.. indoors!
Yeah, sure honey, why not.. go ahead.
Whateva makes you happy.

Suddenly hubby decided to ditch Aishah and mommy, and went for the all-boys-nite-out to catch the 9pm show of Ice Age 4 the movie.
So, mommy being alone decided to whip out the instant fried noodles, with some salad, and some fishballs, and wallllaaaahh.. Dinner is served!
Nommm nommm nommm.. with cili jeruk too, of course!


  1. Welcome to instagram...follow me, follow you?

  2. Im now totally addicted to instagram. Suka tgk gambar cantik2 & lebih senang nak keep in touch dgn kwn2. Nak karang blog entry tak sempat kdg2 kan.. Instagram senang, snap & upload je :)

  3. haha.. tu laa pasallll...
    mcm chatting plak kita ekk ayu kat instagram tu!
    it's fun to have people like u in it.

  4. I agree, ive been neglecting my blog too. First it was twitter and now instagram. By the way, Ive added u in my instagram.

  5. hence the slow blog update for my case.. :)


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