Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oct Photo-A-Day update

Let's continue;
Day 4 "what you read".
Not only that I read, but I designed, print and pasted it onto the door.
I was organising a week long data cleansing task force meeting and hence decided to spice up the room with this.
Pretty neat, huh?
Just like the laundromat, only dedicated in cleaning customer and circuit data prior to upcoming system migration.

Day 5 "shadow" was totally upsetting for me.
Because the day was gloomy and rain pouring down in the evening.
I waited the whole day for a glimpse of a shadow, but to no vail.
So, before I went to bed, and for the sake of continuing my 30-day challenge, I took kermit the frog out by myself.

For Day 6 "I'm thankful for", I wanted to express my love for my kids.
If this blogger website continues functioning for the next 10 more years, and if my kids end up reading this blog, I want them to know that they are everything to me.
Amin is the one that keeps me sane.
Arif is the naughty one.
Aishah is what keeps us together.

Day 7 " Light"
This is actually sunset light captured by Amin's school.
Yeah, was waiting for to pick him up at 6.30pm.

ok.. to be continued later

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