Wednesday, October 02, 2013

As light as a bug

This could work well as a tagline for this limited edition Longchamp le Pliage bag, the Bug collection.
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Bought in year 2010, this was my very first Longchamp. I have to admit, it was kinda late for me to be jumping onto the le pliage bandwagon.
The le pliage design was indeed too plain for me to be attracted to. Hence, when my dear friend nini bought her Bug le pliage in small size, I knew I had to have it too, in large size.

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The bugs then bite my sister and mom, making them both wanting the le pliage. Mom bought the brown, while sis bought the red.
And I just can't resist the fuchsia. What? Who was it that said they are plain bags? Can't you see how yummy these colours are? Shessshh

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Ohhh and then the Darshan collection were released. Such a beauty. Big bird must be jealous of me. Bwahahaha

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Err.. So I bought another Darshan. Not my fault. It's fuchsia!

The thing that I love most about le pliage is that it is foldable when not in use, saving storage space. And yet it can become completely roomy when you need it to.

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Because it can be kept flat, it has become the bag of choice during my recent overseas trip. And due to that similar reason, I bought the Darshan yellow, twice!

Hmm.. That reminds me, I may need to start doing my handbag inventories.


  1. love le pliage! I only have one but used it a lot for travel too! =) now it's my companion everyday for work! Love the pretty bug! =)

  2. Hi hazel.. Yeahhh Lepliage has always been the go-to bag..
    I wouldnt worry to stuffed it all up, and get dirty with it. It's a life saver


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