Friday, October 14, 2016

Being Cleopatra at Hannan Medispa

It was this iG post that caught my attention last weekend.  From hannanmedispa_bangi to be exact.
Coincidentally i have taken the day off that Monday. Thus decided to go on a sister spa day with my dearest sistersewel. LOL.

It was true. All true.
Only RM99 plus 6% GST for the cleopatra treatment.
We arrived at 12.15pm and immediately were told there's available slot at 12.40 for us.
Just faith.
Let's get started!
I got Huda as my Therapist.
First she washed my face, remove the makeup and identify the whereabouts of my acne, blackheads and whiteheads thingamajig.
Next, she applied a serum and lather a thick black mask at my nose and chin - these are areas with lotsa whiteheads blackheads, and left me to sleep for 15 mins
Peeled off the black mask removing all my years of hasil ternakkan bijik-bijik kat atas idong tu.. ewww.. banyak ok! And panjang panjang plak residue tu. And she used mini vacuum to suck the remaining dead cells all over the surface of the skin.
Next comes the best part. Oxygen blow! Sejukkk weii.. slowly and thoroughly blow pure oxygen onto the skin. Tujuan ni untuk bagi tenaga makanan kepada sel sel kulit. Hah. Ada something u shud know that if u have pimples, it will bagi masak baekkk punya lepas treatment ni.
Weird that we were not given the face assessment masa sampai. Takde doctor jumpa kitorang pon. Mayb bz kot hari promo ni. Tapi Huda mmg gigih explain everything to me. Little did she know i mmg akan buat review.
Next, the radio frequency treatment.  Macam mini bebola yg suam digelek gelek sekitar muka utk lather the serum for anti aging, reduce wrinkles and moisture skincare.

And the finale is, topeng starwars.
Well, LED mask to be exact. This functions to promote the skin collagen growth. Takde rasa apa pon. Mmg suruh kita tido nyenyak for whole 20 minutes!
And done! Lepas tu siap dah. Huda letak sunblock onto my face and i was good to go.
Ohh bonus points, ada surau!
Sangat comfy. Solat zuhur dulu dah alang-alang dlm waktu kann. Ini mmg winner lah.
I totally respect spa like this.
Care for not only our exterior beauty but also spiritual beauty.
Itu review tak berbayar ahkakk special untuk korang.

Starting tomorrow, the Hannanmedispa-putrajaya will be heading their soft launching with absolutely gorgeous promo deals that will guarantee to beautify not only your face, but your teeth as well!
Nothing has ever come close to this kind of offering before.
So make sure you head on to Putrajaya and check it out yourself.

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