Sunday, December 11, 2016

Part 2 UKtrip : SkyGarden and Diagon Alley

Fri 18112016 : London SkyGarden
MUST VISIT place in #jelita78traveltips if you plan to go to London.
Sebab it is FREE!
And you get the best view overlooking the city of London.
Yaassshh of koz laa kann #jelita78goes2uk akan #takdeduitbuatcaratakdeduit laaa bebeh.
Tapi harus book slot utk naik ok!
And the slots opens only 3 weeks before the date. Paham tak?
Meaning if korang nak pegi on 30th Dec, maka hanya pada 9th December slot for that day akan be available for booking.
Semua online ok.
That what makes it so easy.
Taaaapiiii kena book cepat cepat sebab setiap hari tu ada slot booking ikut time and giller fully booked laju nak mamps ok.
No worries sbb travel agents memang takleh book kan randomly sebab kena letak nama semua and then masa korang beratur nak masuk tu, kena bagi proof of identification!
Therefore do it yourself online and jangan terpedaya if ada travel agent nak "jual" the tix for you.
Ingat! Check the website and book your visit slot online 3 weeks before your date!
Kalu lambat nnt habih slot time yg korang nak.
Pastu doa banyak banyak supaya cuaca cerah macam ni hah boleh photoshoot posing pelbagai gaya.
Syukur yaRabb..

You need to be there at the lobby of the SkyGarden about half an hour before your time slot. There will be queue. Make sure you print out your booking details. And then there will be security checks which you need to bukak jacket and letak dalam tray with handbag , macam airport laa depa scan you except this time you nak bawak air tu takper nya.
The guard will escort you in the lift sampai ke atas and then you can spend as long as you want sampai kedai tutup pon takpe. Yes you can!
Kat atas tu ada tempat duduk lepak and siap ada sediakan blanket if u feel cold and want to wrap yourself up while you're enjoying the view. Takleh laa bawak balik selimut tu. Pinjam je and letak balik kat kusi tu nanti ok. It is FREE by the way.

The best thing about this deck is that there are descriptions of the tourist attractions that are in view of the windows, hence takde laa you look clueless in figuring out  "eh tu bangunan apa tu?" .. "eh dekat je rupanya dengan sini "
And that leads to my next destination.

The Leaky Cauldron
Only meant for Harry Potter fans.😉
This Leadenhall Market shops area was used as the Diagon Alley in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
Hah, sila google kalau ingat-ingat lupa tu.
Or tengok je balik citer Harry Potter.. part yg kat wizard's pub.

#jelita78traveltips kali ni is that if you dah pi SkyGarden tu, terus jalan ke sini sebab this place is located dekat dengan SkyGarden tu je.. pusing-pusing tang tu jugak.. cuma kena masuk celah bangunan itu ini sikit.
Suddenly akan jumpa area bangunan dated back to the victorian era architectural.

Pastu, jalan lagi belok sini situ begitu begini, korang akan jumpa butik LV and Hermes plak. Surprise. Eh. Hahaha jangan terkejut ok. Memang banyak kedai tersorok yg best best.
Best tengok je. Nak beli kena pikir 5.8 kali..
Anyway, the key to discovering a city is that you need to have the courage to explore and Google maps!

As I walked around the London city, I discovered that celah-celah building ada trees and plenty of chairs to sit and enjoy the outdoor.
During lunch time, these places will be filled with the locals sitting and eating their packed meal.
Macam best je kan.
Cuba buat kat Malaysia ni. Adeh.
Merecikkk panaihh. Dah laa legam, tambah dengan peluh masam sekali.

Shot wajib bila di London ialah the red phone booth. But of course, amik gambar dari luar sahaja. Sebab i tak berani nak bukak pintu nya. Based on my previous experience, which bau macam hancing, so, tak koser laa kan nak jenguk dalam tu.
And also i tak sure function ke idak talipon tu. Hopefully tak macam Malaysia laaa kann semua public phone rosak dek vandalism.

So, how to stay online when in London?
I used the Lyca Mobile sim bought at £2 and top up just the data plan 1Gb for £7.50.. semua ni buat sendiri via online yer lepas beli simkad tu. Easy peasy.
I needed the data plan, since I relied on the Google Maps to make my way around town.
And whatsap calls to keep in touch with my loved ones back at home.
Tak dilupakan juga untuk menjawab whatsap berkaitan dengan hal hal pejabat. #stillworkingalthoughonvacay #sayamemangdedikasitinggi #pekerjaharapanbangsa

Personally, i feel that if u want to explore the city, just hop onto those #LondonREDbus
From the bus you can have better view of the whereabouts and if u feel like getting lost, just ask the driver to stop you at the nearest train station and take the train to wherever that you are familiar with.
No i did not beli that unlimited hop on hop off passes. But i used the oyster card yg macam touch n go, boleh top up sajer and pakai for both train and bus.
Please be reminded that oyster card ada deposit in it. So u can claim the depo and remaining balance when u hand the card back at the airports counter oyster card.

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