Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Step 3 : Getting jiggy with it

Yeah.. let's get it started shall we.
Just to let you know that I did not sow it according to what has been sketched.
All went out the window, as soon as I started needling the sleeve!
Check out my first well-made flower! (after the 3rd attempt)

Moving on to flower number 2.

And the excitement kicked in instantly !

And I figured that I'll randomly sow the leftovers beads in between the flowers.

In case you're wondering, I'm sowing beads onto this one and only baju kurung because the patter is just too plain simple to me, and since it's silk, I'm gonna dry clean it anyways, hence I don't have to worry for the beads to fall off during cleaning either, right?

And just for the record, yes, this is my very first attempt at beading.
It seems that this year, beading is the current trend.
It is kinda expensive to get it done by the tailors / professional beaders, and not only that I'm a cheapskate towards that (coz all my money dedicated for my possession towards handbags! LOL), but also I am very picky because the result is not seen before, get it?  It means that I could be telling the tailor / beader to do like this bla bla bla, but in the end, it will turn out differently and I'm not sure either I will like it, or loath it.. get what I mean?
So, therefore, I'm taking the plunge and take matters into my own hands.

So, what do you think?
Is this o.k?
Too little?
Or too much?

Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics.. will get better pics when done.


  1. mcm sikit sngt la kak.. hehe

  2. So pretty...akak, i thought i noticed you kat Bank Negara.Ada meeting ker? I wanted to say hello but you was talking to your friend at cafe

  3. oraits IQWA..
    akan ku lebatkan nya selepas ini.. hehe..

  4. nurman,
    thank god u didn't say hello to me, because i didn't go anywhere today!
    that wasn't me!
    must be another pelanduk.. hehe..


What say you?


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