Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yeay, we did it !

Amin finallyyyy made it today !
ONE full day of fasting.. hoorayyy !!
It must be the environment as we spent the evening at my relatives place, and Amin got to play with 9 year old Adam and his brother 7 year old Alif, who both were trained fasting since they're 5 years old.
They got distracted playing, dozed off in the afternoon and by the time they woke up, it's already dusk.
We celebrated today with traditional kampung dishes.
Started off with pecal, which is a mixture of vegetables, eaten with peanut sauce.
The main dish was white rice with fish curry, spicy fried squid, fried fish and vegetable soup.
And for dessert we have the fruit cocktail, batik cake and a traditional dish, sumsum berlauk with sambal ikan nyiur..
This sumsum berlauk is a famous dish originating from the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, and in my case we're from Pahang / Terengganu.
This is one of the best thing about the Malaysian culture because almost each state has their own famous dessert dish.
I wonder what we will be having next.. hmm...


  1. Masyaallah, so yummy, I pernah rasa sumsum tulang berlauk tu

  2. haha..
    mmg sedapp..
    my dad tak makan nasi lansung, berbuka with 2 pinggan sumsum berlauk ni and then terus pi solat!


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