Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Devil wears PRADA!

Sun 01122019 : Finding PRADA
Finally I have discovered the most compact wallet feminine enough, ever made by mankind!
I have always loved compact wallet and this Louis Vuitton compact wallet from trunks & bags collection, has been my go-to travelling wallet.
So when I saw my SIL's Prada Vitello Grain compact trifold wallet last month, I knew I just have to have it.
You will not believe it, until you see it for yourself. It fits coins, notes and even 6 of my cards, and still feels slim!
Dah alang-alang bawak kids to Legoland, I was so lucky to get this at JPO for RM980.
It came in Saffiano leather too but feeling the hard texture of saffiano, please bare in mind that it will not be as slim and compact feels as it is with this stress grain leather.

I actually made a target to get myself next year, the LV victorine wallet, ever since I saw NanaMoz's, because it was slimmer than my LV compact wallet. But this Prada beats me to it.
Although my Prada doesn't have the zippered compartment like victorine LV, the buttoned front flap still able to prevent any coins from getting out.
Check out the similarities between their designs. So much alike! Ohh I just had to make #jelita78punyareview when I went for lunch with Nana the other day. Sabar je lah kan, abaikan the table mat Alexis tu, if you might noticed.
Conclusion, I'd say the Prada vitella compact trifold wallet is like the Mini-Me of the LV victorine wallet. (And cheaper too)
Ohhh aren't they the cutest!


  1. Replies
    1. Sila. Really worth it if you are looking for a compact wallet.

  2. Oh my goodness so cantikkk. Kak jelita i really miss you. Walaupun i stranger je. 🤗

    1. Awww..please don't be a stranger! Hugs.

  3. I missed you in IG.. ��

    1. Borink sgt ke kat iG tu tanpa ku? Chewaaahhh

  4. Kak
    .... tulis pasal misi diet plz.... dok elok2 follow kt ig.. ku nak tahu kesudahan azam mu itu. bpe kilo lost. rasa sunyi ig tau citer Akak xde.

  5. Post la kat ig. Kite suke baca ig awak.. susah plak nak baca kat blog ni.. pleaseeee ��


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