Monday, December 16, 2019

Visiting La La Lang

Wed 11122019 : KUL - LGK - KUL
Finally, set foot in Langkawi for the very first time in my life. Yes. Blame me for not travelling local as much. 
Took the morning flight via Malindo at KLIA1.
Awal lagi dah challenging for my mom with her knee problem to walk to the aeroplane. Should have taken the wheelchair along.
Same thing happened at the Langkawi International Airport, kena jalan also from the runaway point.
Alhamdulillah, made it safely.
Introducing, the Rocky-clan.
First order of business was to go on the cable car rides up the Mount Mat Cincang at Patai Kok. #jelita78punyareview best that when you see the weather is clear, you should make plans to do this first because Malaysian weather is unpredictable like London, nanti hujan petang, spoiled terus.
Apa ada kat atas gunung tu?
Well, lookout view point je.
Ada laa cafe to eat but nothing special pon.
Ada the bridge glass walk whatsoever tapi that one kena bayar lagi extra walaupun tepi situ jer.
This i feel is way too much and inappropriate to charge visitors extra because it should be included in the original rate.

The Langkawi Cable Car located in area made as Oriental Village. Ada laa bende lain selain daripada just the cable car rides. There's several restaurants, cafes and food stalls set up in this area. Which I seriously do not recommend you to come here to eat because they are at super expensive rate. 
Most expensive nasi lemak and iced-tea i have ever paid in my entire life.

There's a two storey building of 3D art museum here. Definitely a place to surfs up if you plan to go for cable car ride, because the entrance is free for all who purchased the cable car ticket ride.
Geram sangat sebab we all tak dapat cover everything here due to time constraint. So please check your timing. Elok lah singgah after turun dari the cable car.
The rate per person was as below
Adults = RM60
Kids = RM35
Veterans = RM30
Which this includes the 3d art museum entree. Depa takde jual tix just for the cable car. Mesti combo dengan bende lain.
#jelita78traveltips please search for cheaper ticket deals at klook for example. Sometimes they might have better deals.

And, make sure your parents showed their identification card if you are buying tickets at the counter booth, for they get the cheapest rate of all.
But then, please note that to get to the viewing deck after the cable car rides will require them to climb stairs and there's no ramp for wheelchairs nor kids stroller either. I am rating this attraction low on the disable facilities for such an international tourist attraction as they said.

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