Tuesday, November 07, 2006

after the suicide attempt

On the very next day, after the attempted suicide incident, my friend (let me refer to as A) took his suicidal friend out (known here as X). They grab a take away, parked the car near the highway and just simply sit there, eat and chat. For as long as I have known 'A', he is not the emotional-sensitive kinda guy. He's much more to the macho man with no feminine side or whatsoever. I was worried at first because I'm afraid that he might not be able to successfully help 'X' in any other way. I even told him to immediately take X to seek professional help. But I was wrong.

'A' spent more than 2 hours saying nothing but only listening to 'X' talking about his problem with work, girlfriend and peer pressure. He talked about his future plans, dreams and regrets. He talked about his parents and how he longed for their support. He talked about all the pain, the insecurities and the loneliness he felt. He even talked about the latest comic issue on stand and the latest Nike shoes that are in stock. He just wanted to talk. Wanted to express his worries. Wanted to tell somebody his problem. Wanted understanding and encouragement from people around him. He wants attention. That's all.

And I have underestimate 'A'.

Today, 'X' retired father came all the way to KL to stay with him for maybe a week or two, to give his love, support and undivided attention to his 24 year old son. May the wound be heeled.

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