Thursday, February 04, 2010

Bag of the day

For two days in a row, I have been using this bag to work.
It is Coach Ergo Red Patent Leather Hobo, style # 12886.
I definitely not bored to tell you over and over again that when it comes to Ergo, it is indeed the most lightweight leather bag ever made by mankind!
With my stuffs loaded in it (and believe me, I carry all but the kitchen sink!), I can hardly felt the weight on my shoulder.
Just to enlighten you, here are some features of the bag:
  • Fabulous lightweight Coach patent leather hobo shoulder bag.
  • Zip top closure with matching leather zipper pull.
  • Single shoulder strap with 11" drop length.
  • Front pocket with Coach Brass Button accent.
  • Large Interior zip pocket
  • Two Cellphone/multifunction pockets
  • Beige cotton twill fabric lining.
  • D-Ring to clip an accessory or keyfob
  • Matching Coach red patent leather hang-tag
  • Size 13.5" (L) x 9" (H) x 4.5" (W)

The red shade is not too dark, nor too light, nor tomato shade, nor is it orange-ish like the Madison Cherry collection.. it's in the 'just-nice' red zone.. 
It's superrrrr light, scratch proof, stain proof, and the patent leather actually has an elegant shimmery effect like its filled with gold-dust!  Oh, have I mentioned that it's patent leather and hence very durable in the rainy days too? hehehe..
What more can you ask for?!
It's perfect, and I love it!

It's actually the very first Coach bag that I gave as a present to my mother.. but she only wore it for less than 3 times, as far as I can remember, that is!
Initially, when my dad saw the bag, he asked "What's that?" (referring to the brand)
I said "Coach".
Then he said "There's no Coach"
Then I pulled the hang-tag to show him and he asked "That's it?"
Hmmm.. ok.... anywayyyy.. at the same time, I gave the same style bag except in Mahogany and in larger size to my sister and she was screaming with joy because it's perfectly what she was looking for, a bag that doesn't yell out Coach!
And a few months later, I bought for my mom the Coach Madison Medium Op Art Khaki Brown Sabrina, style # 12947, which am proud to say that from October 2009 till this very day, she has been using it non-stop!  (And because of that, it's my responsibility to take her red ergo hobo out for some fresh air.. hehe.. )
Yeah.. I thought so.. she loves to flaunt the logos (prints) around!
And while looking at the Madison Op Art, my dad said "Now, that, is Coach!" (yeah, i supposed my dad loves to see the logos prints too! the bigger, the better! hehe)


  1. Your mom suka yg coach signature mom and my aunty suka yg leather...hehehe...tapi red dia lawa lah! macam lipstic red gittew...

    Uwaaaa...menyesal I sold my red bottega! Tapi sebab I need bigger bag, nnt akan ku cari ganti another red. =)

  2. yup..
    different people, different taste!

    i know!
    it's soo hard to search for THE perfect red shade.. trust me, i'm still looking! this red is nice due to it being patent leather and has a tinge of shimmering effect. it can-do, but still not THE red that i'm looking for, iykwim.. haha


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