Friday, November 10, 2006


He did it again.
Yesterday, 'X' took the car and never came back. He left his dad all alone and never returned. 'A' went to see his dad who was in panic state, worried that 'X' might do something stupid. 'X' didn't answer his cellphone and at 11pm, 'A' took him to the police station to file a report of 'X'. Since the report for missing people can only be lodged after 24 hours of missing, they filed the report of worrying for 'X' safety. The police took down the car plate number, his possible whereabouts and close friends contact numbers.
At about 2.45am, 'X' mother called to inform that 'X' has reached home, which distanced 5 hours from KL. He told her that he drove aimlessly and didn't even realized how he got there. He asked people for money to pay the gas and highways and surprisingly it wasn't that hard to get.

I'm baffled by this incident. Nobody knows what actually happened.
Only 'X' knows, or does he really?

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