Saturday, February 06, 2010

How did my Coach affair started?

This post is dedicated to recall back my very first Coach handbag.
Here she is, the Coach Hamptons Signature Business Tote Carryall, style # 8K07
Hubby went to United States, attending a conference in May 2007 and brought back this tote for me.. (the coach scarf and koala fob were bought afterwards from ebay)
Little did he realised that he actually initiated the beginning that caused so much damages to my credit cards till this very day! bwahahaha !!

Then followed up by an officemate vacation trip to the States a year later; dearest Raz and kak Ija, brought back this hobo for me, my second Coach acquisition, thw Coach Hamptons Weekend Novelty Small Hobo Scribble in Khaki, style # 10698.
I actually didn't use these bags at all ! I kept it locked in the closet and only took it out to admire it once in a while and modelling it around the house.  Why? Because these are my one and only branded bags (we're not counting Elle and Guess in here) and they are indeed the most expensive I have ever had! (at that time!)
Well, ok, so I did carry it once or twice, to weddings invitations and special occasions but heck, I think it was less than 5 times! I was so paranoid that I might get it dirty or torn apart as they are made of fabric. Yes, I was that naive and didn't know about the durability and water resistance of the signature jacquard fabric and  that it can be cleaned up with Coach Fabric Cleaner!
Ok, so that was me in the earlier days..

Anyways, at that time, I still contunue to use my Elle and Guess handbags to work.
Until November 2008, when we passed by the Coach boutique at The Gardens Midvalley which then suddenly I became a COACH junkie and then, it's just no turning back! click to read what happened next! haha!

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