Friday, February 05, 2010

Red Eye? Aye? or Nay?

Call me copycats, I don't care, I want to talk about sunnies too! Inspired by irene-alia's post and kaezrin latest acquisition!  

Seriously, I've been looking for this after seeing Rihanna wearing it.

..and Eva Longoria too..
Recently, I've gone to the LV boutique KLCC just to 'try' it out and see how this oversized sunnies may actually look on me but there's no Gina in Pomme available anymore.. they only have one in light tortoise with floating LV (the bottom right Gina in pic above) and when I tested it, the SA said the colour didn't suit me.. and I couldn't get a second opinion because my other half, hubby, was not there with me either..*sigh*...
What do you think?
I can see that it looks spectacular on ladyverde, well, that is partly because she's a complete drop-dead-gorgeous, but what about me? 
Will it work?


  1. blushing tho i know im not 101% what u referred me as...hahhahaha...thanx anyway darling...
    i tell u what...go to starhill (i prefer starhill lv than klcc coz lg friendly), then ask them whether can they get gina in pomme...ckp u nak try...insyaallah they will try to get one...not to worry whether u jd beli ke tak after mane nak tau u suke ke tak if it doesnt suits u kan :D

  2. haha..
    thanks for the advice my dear..
    u do know that u're my style idol, right?
    i totally love your taste in fashion!
    so please blog more about that ok!!


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