Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sharing our Hong Kong vacation - Day 2

Continuation of our HK trip..

Up next, the second day..

Oh, let me remind you the main transportation here is using the train and walking, walking, walking.. which I believe I have lost 4 inches of fat around my thighs due to the vast walking!
From the hotel, 15 minutes walk to the train.. walking up and down the stairs, buildings, pavements..
And let me stress the point that HK is NOT, and I repeat, NOT disable friendly!!
I have not seen a single person on wheelchair going about in HK!
There's practically no ramp at all!!
Purely crazy sense of manoeuvring the strollers!
But, hooraaayy for the lightweight ILY MAC, of course!!
And let me tell ya, some of the escalators at the train stations and malls are so narrow that I can't put my Skiphop Saddlebag at the sides of the stroller! And the ILY MAC just fits slightly to be wheeled up and down the escalators, and in between the train ticket checkout counters!

Opss.. Sorry for the emotional vent..
Ok, back to the 2nd day story..
We started the day by going to Hong Kong Peak!
No, not walking all the way to the peak of the hill top, but, almost lost a leg walking up to the tram station! Serious work out I'm telling ya!

Here's me, looking for directions to the Peak Tram station with baby sleeping in the Ergo Carrier..
Here's one of the HK major landmark, the Bank Of China building.  It's huge and tall, and unique architectural design, located pass this beautiful Charter Garden, where we stopped for a little biscuit munching moment .

Here's the tram at the Peak Tram Terminal station heading up to Victoria's Peak.
 View from inside the tram.
 Here's us on the Sky Tarrace on the Hong Kong Victoria Peak!
The weather was perfect, bright and sunny, hence we got the perfect view overlooking the whole Hong Kong!
The rest of the day, we spent by taking the trains to several stops around HK to visit the shopping places, malls, stores, and more shopping areas..
Oh, have I mentioned that there's nothing much you can do in HK except for shopping? hahaha
Here's me and Arif after dinner and still walking around in shopping malls..
Arif's hanging strong in there! Good boy!

Hold on for Day 3, up next!


  1. Kiut je ur baby! =) Nice view lah. Mana fish swimming in milk? Tak puas tgk..nak tgk balik...

  2. thanks dear!!

    huwaaaa, i dah telan fish tu!!
    acah je, i terdelete laa babe tgh edit hari tu.. i know.. it was my mistake!
    takpe, upon your request, i'm gonna make another post about it again..

  3. hi jel.. I saw ur blog address from TPF.....

    btw luv ur ergo.....
    you should join MBW :)
    and get addicted to buying baby carriers too heheh

  4. I have a "thing" with fishes ni... =) Nnt upload balik k?

  5. ok irene!
    i buat sekarang jugak!
    kejap lagi idop balik ikan tu!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. hi coachgurlz.. thanks for reading my blog! nahhh.. i've been there! have bought and sold almost 8 pieces of baby carriers before i found ergo and that's it! i'm done! staying put with ergo now! bought two of ergo already!


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