Monday, February 22, 2010

Sharing our Hong Kong vacation - Day 3

Continuation of our HK trip..

Third day - yes, DISNEYLAND day!
Oh yeah, mommy was more excited than the kids allright!

We managed to catch the Simba show!
Amin and me on the space pod.. haha..
 The classic carousel! not to be missed, by hubby, my sis, and Amin of course.. me and Arif, we sat on one of the chairs, instead of riding on the horses..

Hubby took a picture of toilet signboards!
Amin shopping for buzz lightyear laser gun!
..while Arif's enjoying his afternoon nap.
 As we were waiting for the parade to start at 3pm, Amin fell asleep and totally deep sleep!! We tried very hard to wake him up for the parade but he was completely knocked-out!  He missed the entire whole parade! And ended up sleeping till the tour van came to pick us back at 5pm! Ahhh.. bummer!

Last minute shopping inside the Disneyland.

At last! We finally managed to take a picture with mickey and minnie, right before exiting the park!

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