Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sharing our Hong Kong vacation - Day 3 night and Day last

Since the Disneyland post was too long, I've decided to split it up.

Here's us after the Disneyland trip, we spent the last night in HK to once again roam the city with the trains, of course.
Here's us in the crowded train on the way to dinner..
 Waiting for our Briyani rice at a Turkish restaurant located near the Times Square area.
 Here's us on the way back to hotel.. not many people in the train as it was already after 10pm..
This was our last MRT ride here.. as tomorrow we will be going back to beloved Malaysia!
The last day, at the airport, boarding to take the MAS Airbus 777 on 20th May 2009 2.30pm.
Oh and remember the Buzz lightyear gun that we bought for Amin's at Disneyland? Well, guess what, we almost got held by the authorities as they detected a "gun" while scanning the bag and that particular luggage had to be tagged and escorted separately by the security themselves into the aeroplane! Goshh.. it was a panic moment for us, but kinda hilarious too.  We wanted to hand-carry it but the security said that is a no-no.. haha..
There are plenty of shops at the airport, including the Disneyland store.. So, if you happen to have missed out shopping at Disneyland earlier, no problem! You can shop here and believe it, the prices are indeed the same as sold inside Disneyland itself!  
That's all about our trip to Hong Kong.. May we be blessed with health and wealth, for us to embark on another vacation in the future.. Till then, thanks for reading!
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  1. Yes, I am catching up on your blog and am very behind...
    I found it hilarious that the security had to escort your luggage to the plane because of a toy gun. Here they would open the luggage to see what it is because they would confiscate a real gun.

  2. haha...
    yeah, they had to do that in case the luggage got held off at another scanning stage!
    and not just that, they even tagged the luggage with RED tape!
    oh the horror! the horror! hahahaha


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