Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stokke Xplory

What the hell is that?
Well my friend, if you don't have kids, then you may not know about this.
But if you do have kids but not that crazy about strollers, then, you too may not know about this either.
Never fear, coz I am here, to educate you!
Stokke Xplory is one of the most innovative stroller ever designed by mankind!
Yes! It's a stroller!
As seen used by Heidi Klum, Minnie Driver and Tory Spelling (pictures found in babychic101)
About two years ago, only one boutique in Malaysia that was selling Stokke, which was the Bebehaus at 1utama, and they don't have many in stocks, so if you wanted to buy one, you had to pay deposit and wait for it to arrive.  But today, Mothercare and Planet Enfantes/ Mamours also selling Stokke Xplory, which makes it easier for you to purchase it.
At that time, I was very impatient and was badly infected by the pramaholic disease, whereby I just had to have this Xplory by hook or by crook and thank god, Nad was there to help me get it, all the way from UK.

So what is it about this that makes it very popular (and expensive too) ?
Is it the high-chair-look-a-like features?
Is it the elevated functions?
Is it the ergonomic handle design?
Is it the funky bright colour options?

To prove how obsessed I was with the stroller, I have personally made a review of it, yes, all by myself.
Please head on to Strollers and Prams for the in depth analysis!
You will be surprised!

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