Friday, March 12, 2010

How did my LV flame ignited?

It started off with this thread on tpf coach subforum about which Coach bag in your collection considered to be most rare.. It was supposed to be a Coach thread, nothing related to LV, until yenanh00 listed her rare collections including the LV Watercolour Aquarelle White Speedy 35!

I was instantly smitten by it!
It was like love at first sight!
My first question was, when the hell did LV made such prints in those colours?
I thought LV only make monogram brown speedy!

So from that 21st July 2009, I started lurking in the LV sub forum and googling about LV collections, until I found out that LV do make limited edition speedies almost every season/ year and this Watercolour Aquarelle was from the Richard Prince collaboration Spring/ Summer 2008. (Just for knowledge sharing, Watercolour Aquarelle prints was released in two colours, white and dark brown)

And that was the beginning of my burning desire for LV.
Thanks to euphoria junction, I managed to get it by December 2009.

Presenting my very 1st Louis Vuitton, Watercolour Aquarelle Speedy 35, dress-up with the Coach Poppy Scribble Flower charm.

Here are the features of the bag, just for your knowledge;
  • Speedy 35 means that the length size is 35cm.  Size 13.8" (L) x 9" (H) x 7.1" (W) 
  • LV coated canvas material in Multicolour Monogram Watercolour prints, with double rounded handles and trimmings in natural cowhide leather, best known as vachetta.
  • Zip top closure with matching leather zipper pull. 
  • Single interior slip pocket
  • D-ring to clip an accessory or keyfob
  • Leather leaf tab on both sides with one side for LV padlock attachment. 
  • It comes complete with an LV lock with 2 keys, and the LV dustbag.

Since the damaged has been done, better just go with the flow and embrace in it.. stay tuned for more LV posts to come! bwahahhaha (that's me trying to do the evil laugh!)

p/s: As a note, LV speedy is meant for handheld, and elbow carry only.  The handle has very small drop length and you must have a stick thin arm to enable it for shoulder carry - it is possible though, believe me, check out picture of Heidi's friend below..


  1. Wow!!That is GORGEOUS Aida!! Bahaya masuk blog u ni...takut addicted nanti.Habis stroller i kena put up for sale nanti.
    Ala makcik..we must meet up again.Bawa la the LV..nak tgk IRL!
    As have great taste la beb!

  2. thanks dear!
    well, now u know what happened to my stroller addiction!
    i've been bitten by the handbag-bug!

  3. Oh I love the watercolor collections! Cantiknya prints dia...=)

  4. elehhhh irene..
    sudah gaharu, cendana pula..
    i gigit karang!

  5. Gorgeous! This is one of my favorite speedies!!!

  6. hi tara!!
    i know!
    i wish i can afford the 30 size coz size 35 is a tad bigger for me.. but i'll live, for now.. haha

  7. cant wait for our twin mirage appearance! :) hehehe..
    btw babe, speedy watercolour ony came in 35...die tak produce other sizes...u can always use it as ur travelling bag darl :D

  8. ohhhhhhhh
    if we set for the mirage to meet, we must take a mirror-effect picture of them! must be soooo confusing! hahahaha

    dear, there is watercolour size 30.. it was limited to hawaii and asia release only.. i'm hoping to find one.. there's one size 30 actually on ebay now but the only thing is that i don't have the money for now! oh... if and only if.. hmmm


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