Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wow.. you "geeks" are good..

.. especially this one, to be exact..
I am currently following closely the latest CHUCK series, and could spent hours watching the reruns of last seasons..
.. as I can't get enough of his cheesy smile!! 
ohhhh soooo adorably cute!!
* Zachary Levi *


cz22 said...

I LOVE Chuck! Though I did like 1st season better - I am not so happy with what they have done this season. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Scott Bakula (I've liked the dorky type for a long time...) and Love him in the end of the 1st season! <3

jelita78 said...

oh god!
i'm sooooo wishing that Chuck and Sarah love-affair would work out!
but then, i'm deadly haunted by Brandon Routh's gorgeous eyes!
me melting! me melting! helppppp!!


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