Thursday, March 04, 2010


6 books have been read over and over again..
5 clothes were changed yesterday, due to..
4 times of purging and twice vomiting
3 bottles of glucose drip already
2 daily inter-venous antibiotic
1 awful smecta oral intake
That's all for yesterday's event..
I wonder what numbers we're gonna be playing with today.. interesting, huh?
Doctor told me that the purging continues because that is how his body is actually responding to the antibiotics and we need to give it 3 days for the diarrhoea to settle down.
He vomited to let the phlegm out, thanks to the every 4 hours of nebulizer.. yeah, he has slight flu and bronchitis too.. 
Now he's already onto his 3rd water (glucose + sodium) drip at the moment.
Hope that's more than enough to counter the loss.


  1. aida..ala siannyer arif..jumpe gak aku ngan blog ko..hihi...

    si, arif dah fully recover ker?
    same case ngan lutfi dulu la...

  2. hahaha..
    jumpa jugak ko yer..

    he has recovered and hopefully built up his immune stronger!


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