Friday, March 05, 2010

Choo Choo..

Nope.. not Jimmy Choo..
It's Choo Choo Thomas the tank engine.. yup.. Thomas and his friends..
Don't be surprised, Thomas can entertained him for hours and hours just by going around the track.
Today Arif purged more than yesterday.. almost every hour!
But the poo was getting lesser and slowly became thicker.
Doctor said nothing to worry, that's the reaction of antibiotics.
Now he has rashes on his bum and kept complaining on the uncomfortable feeling of it.

The good news to share was that Arif has started eating too today!
Unlike the days before, his appetite have came back today and he wants to eat everything, although not as much, but still he was eager to try tasting it..
 And his favourite of the day is, munching on powdered Horlicks!


  1. gd to know lil one dah ok skets :)
    speedy recovery k :D

  2. Aiden would call it "titi freng" (thomas & friends). Get well soon ya Arif.

  3. thanks verde and irene !
    alhamdulillah, so far so good..
    he's back at being active now..


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