Monday, June 07, 2010

Abracadabra !

As promised, lets reveal the remaining boxes, shall we.
Begin story mode of box number 1 :)
At one point, I really thought that I'm done with Coach.
Because I have moved on to LV land.
But all of a sudden, bam!
I'm back at Coach, begging for mercy.
I felt so lame.
Seriously, it has never crossed my mind, that I like this design.
Liking it a lot to actually buy it, and not just admire it from far.
I felt confused, and lost, even more than the LOST finale!
When this collection first appeared, I was like "mehhh"..
Wasn't feelin' it at all !
Maybe it's because I'm getting more busy each day?
That I need a tote to dump everything but the kitchen sink?
Or maybe it's because of the Southwest Monsoon?
Causing daily afternoon rain?
Making patent leather look like the best invention ever?
Or maybe it's because that it matches perfectly..
..with this Polka Dot Oblong Scarf, style # 98889?
Whatever the reason is, lets welcome, the new member.. my ever so growing Coach collection.
Coach Tribeca Patent Leather Grey Tote, style # 14123
So, what do you think?
Let me know and we'll continue tomorrow for box number 2, o.k? hehe..


  1. nice!
    my sister in law has the same exact design but in dusty gold...
    very practical tho :)

  2. hi verde!
    it is very practical indeed for me now.. my 1st ever tote for everyday use.. but of course, hopefully to replace with a gst in a next couple of years.. lol..

  3. insyaallah...slowly but surely :D

    but kene make sure tahan segala godaan n nafsu for other bags along the way!

    its gonna be hard i know...but thats just at the early stage :)
    once u manage to get hold of ur 1st PURELY dream bag (in ur case now is that chanel gst), u surely not gonna regret all that hardwork, all the godaan that u manage to wave thru!

    trust me on this!
    ultimate satisfaction!
    *wink wink*

  4. Modeling pics? :)
    I'm glad you like it. Does your work stuff fit well?

  5. oh verde, that's gonna be superrrr hard..
    been there, done that, for the LV.. hahaha..
    true, it is satisfying indeed, but i just can't hold on any longer!
    i mean, for chanel, it will be triple the 'money-saving-period' compared for the LV!!
    ohhhhhhhh how ever did u manage that!!

  6. cz22 !!
    miss u sooo much!!!
    how's ohio?
    and your greece preparation??
    can't wait to see pics!!
    wishing u loads of fun, dear!

    btw, tribeca tote is perfect for work! it's super lightweight, i hardly realised i was carrying the file, water bottle, umbrella and the laptop charger + mouse in it!

    p/s: modelling pics @ tpf thread..

  7. Ohio was good. Visiting family can be overwhelming, especially when I only have a week.

    Now Greece... I am trying to schedule a meeting with my advisor to show her my presentation before I go. I am representing her, so I want her approval, but she seems hard to get in contact with - always busy with someone when I go by her office, or out of the office, or not responding to email.

    But I am very excited to leave! And will toke Tons of pictures! :D


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