Monday, June 14, 2010

COACH Clearance

Starting from 28th May 2010, up till 4th July 2010.
Involving all COACH boutique nationwide.

And speaking of clearance..
I'm letting these go too.
From my personal collection.
Let me know if you're interested.
For more info, email me at
Or simply visit my booth at my


NYKOLETT said...

kak suuuuke yang meeeah{merah,terpelat lah pulak } tu ..brapa harga ekk?

jelita78 said...

hi kak rosni!!
thanks for visiting my blog!
anyway, check out my advert at for more pics and info.
email me and lets make a deal *wink*!

Ealyie said...

hi jelita78,
lama dah baca blog u sesenyap.. ihiks..
best sbb bole cuci mata!! ;) Nak cuci poket xdapekkk lorr..

salam perkenalan ya..:D

jelita78 said...

hi ealyie!
welcome to my blog.
thanks for stopping by and do come again sometime!


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