Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quicky Breaky

(pic googled from the net)

I'm not sure about you, but for me, breakfast is my main meal.

I can't just take a bite of this and that.
But instead, I need a really fulfilling meal to start the day.

I'm seriously very busy nowadays whereby I hardly have the luxury to hang out with my colleagues for breakfast.  Hence, when I'm on the run, yet I desperately need the high calories, this will be my breakfast.
Iced chocolate drink (also known as milo-ice), and chicken bolognese sandwich with toasted white bread and hold the onions, please!
Not bad at all for a RM3.50 sandwich, as it comes complete with chicken strips, cheese, salad, bell peppers and splashes of barbecue sauce and mayonnaise.

Now, lets start working!


  1. irene...ni boleh tergugat ni!

  2. elehhhh jem..
    setakat sandwich 3hinggit 50seng ni aper laaa sangat..
    lain laa i letak gambar subway 1footer.. hehe

    irene mata kelabu tgk gucci tu..
    dah tak nampak makanan lansung!

  3. jelita78...silap commentlah...hahaha ini komen kat blog irene! hahaha!

    anyway...what a heavy breakfast! me? normally my lunch will be the heaviest...and kadang2 no dinner...!

  4. hah..
    dah agak dah..

    irene punya blog mmg hampeh!
    i rasa mcm nak unsubscribe je..
    sakit jantung tetiba nampak beg..
    bukak sikit nampak beg..
    bukak esok, nampak beg lain plak..
    bley masuk spital kalu camni..

  5. hahahaha...takpelah cuci mata :-))


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