Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am a fan

Hot ! Hot ! Hot !
There's a problem with the air-conditioning system at work.
And now I realised that this usb fan has become a necessity!!
This belongs to one of our office-mates and we've been passing this around since morning!
I really must get one!
Hmm... I wonder if it comes in pink?


adzue said...

mmmm.. don't tell me the owner's name is azlina?

jelita78 said...

hi adzue!!
hahaha.. nope..
the owner is a guy!

adzue said...

since i've been told its day no. 2 without aircond, have you gotten yr pink one yet?

jelita78 said...

Even better!!
I'm freezing cold in this Cisco Summit 2010 Convention!!


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