Saturday, June 05, 2010

Open Sesame !!

Just to share the first two top boxes that have arrived recently.
I am a sucker for Clarks.
Seriously, I've been wearing Clarks for ages.
 I do have several crocs, but not as faithful as my relationship with Clarks.
Oh have I mentioned that I am a sucker for Clarks?
Because, yes, the other box is also Clarks.
You must be wondering why I didn't just get these shoes from Clarks store here.
Well, reason one; not many Clarks style available at the local store.
.. and reason number two : it's only £9.99 each!
Simply fabulous, aren't they? 
Watch out for reveal of the remaining boxes, soon.. *wink*


  1. Looks comfy! I suka warna yg first one. Campur postage jadi berapa bebs?

  2. hi dear!
    cun kan? hehe..
    normal postage charged by UK sellers are about £15.
    so, oklaa kan?
    totalling up to still less than RM150, compared to the standard price for Clarks shoes around RM289 and boots RM389..
    awesome deal!

  3. Very nice! Looks like you have also been bitten by the shoe bug. :p
    I just bought a few shoes for my Greece trip. I found Keens to be very comfortable and practical. They are not fancy shoes, they look much more sporty than your new shoes, but they are so so comfy! I got new sneakers in a dark color so they won't look dirty after walking in Athens and new, made for city walking, flip flop sandals.

  4. yikess..
    these shoe bugs are really hard to get rid off.. i think i just bought another *cough*cough*..

    oh sneakers and flip flops are indeed the best!
    nothing beats that for travelling!
    have fun dear!!

  5. Hiyyyyeee Jelita dearie,

    Your clarks shoes are just gorgeous!! I love the white one. If u dont mind me asking, what's the website or the contact of the UK seller, pls... I desperately in need of a new pair of shoes (or maybe few).. ;)
    Thanks dear.

    Email me :


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