Monday, July 12, 2010

And the winner is...

History is created in the soccer city, South Africa today..

The crown for FIFA 2010 goes to..


Thanks to ANDRES INIESTA for his fabulous shot at the 116th minutes into the extra time!

Making the final score Spain 1- Netherlands 0.
Making SPAIN celebrates its first World Cup!
Making the Champions of Europe, is now the Champions of the World!
This makes Spain the second nation in history (after Germany) to hold both the European Cup (2008) and World Cup in the same season! 
What a spectacular heart wrenching end to an outstanding World Cup final.

See you in another 4 years, in Brasil !!

(pics googled from the net)


cz22 said...

Did you see the LV case the world cup hangs out in? (when not on display, so probably very rarely, when in transit to the next winner)

jelita78 said...

i know!
thanks for the reminder!
i need to blog about that too.. hahaha

cz22 said...

Great bog about the case. (Isn't it funny how your hobbies relate?) Now that's a nice LV! (Especially with the trophy!)

jelita78 said...

hey, thanks to YOU for giving me the idea on blogging about the case..
yeah, awesome case..
wish it comes with cannavaro..


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