Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Amin's fasting attempt

Update : 
Amin managed to fast till 3pm !!
With cracked dry lips and tired eyes, he break-fast with plain water, then milk and then soup.
He was actually more thirsty than hungry.
So, yippeeee for him !
Mommy soo proud of you dear!!
Slow and steady.. slow and steady..


Today is the beginning of the Ramadhan, the fasting month for the muslim all around the world.
We started the day with Sahur, filling up the belly at 5am.
Amin is 6yrs old this year and he's so excited to puasa (fasting) as all of his kindy-mates have been talking about it, and the teachers are teaching and encouraging them too.
He woke up after just one-time shake from me.
He was indeed very sleepy, but managed to open his mouth to chew the rice.
Menu for this morning is rice with marinated lamb and fried bean sprouts.
I'm gonna tell teacher to train him for fasting but just ask him at noon if he's hungry or not.
It's not compulsory for him anyway.
But I'm so proud of his intention.
Let's just see how it works out today..


  1. bagus amin..gud luck..Selamat berpuasa..nak jugak dia mkn nasi pagi2.lutfi mkn nasi sesuap je..die cakap tak sedap..hehe...
    pastu minum horlicks and meratah ayam je...

    mari kite tgk progress diorang hari ni mcm mane..:)

    Selamat berpuasa to your family aida..maafkan aku yer sepanjang perkenalan kita..smoga ramadhan kali ni membawa seribu keberkatan kepada semua.. Amin..

  2. hi sue!
    hopefully they can survive the day.. but i don't mind if they couldn't, coz it's a learning curve at the moment.
    as long as they're motivated to wake up for sahur and control the thirst and hunger is enough for me.
    tak kiksah laa separuh hari pon.. asalkan cuba..
    aku kesian je tgk badan amin ni kurus keding je.. haha..


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