Thursday, August 12, 2010

A day trip down south.. Singapore.
Yeah, this is an old news.
I forgot to blog about it earlier.
Oh well, better late than never, huh?
It was a last minute decision to just make a trip down south, over the weekend.
We drove down to JB on the night of 25th June 2010.
First time taking advantage of hubby's relatives in JB and crashing over their place for the night.
We parked the car at the terminal and went on foot into Singapore.
Took the bus, then the train.
And then on foot.
Seriously, it was indeed an adventure !
Our first and the only target was Takashimaya.
We were indeed lucky because on that very day, it was the Toy Story 3 movie promo.
There were appearances by the movie characters, Woody and Buzz..
And toys were on crazy discounts.
Yes, I was more excited than the kids.. obviously!
We headed back to JB by 7pm and yeah, that was it, really.
  • Kids stuffs such as toys and branded clothing lines are cheaper in Singapore during this Great Singapore Sale, compared to Malaysia. 
  • Adult branded clothing lines such as Guess, Gap, etc are also cheaper in Singapore compared to Malaysia.
  • Food, more expensive.
  • Other branded stuffs like handbags, shoes, leather goods, are more expensive.
  • Malaysian customs imposed tax on the toys bought by us.. although we kept telling them it's for the boys and not that we're selling them or anything and duhhhh, they're just in two Takashimaya paperbags!! Not a whole truckload!! We were charged RM30.
  • Next time, bring stroller ! We decided not to coz we thought it's gonna be difficult to load it up onto the bus/ train but really, it's not that hard.  Carrying Arif around was a pure pain.  So, yeah, just take the damnnn stroller next time, ok, huney!!!


  1. err.. ur shoes looks soooooooo comfy la beb..;)

  2. awwww thanks..
    yeah, it's clarks mary jane style je!


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