Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prezzie from Daddy

Out of the blue, for no particular reason, my dad gave me this, last night.
I have a strong feeling that my sister was behind this, and I knew that it's true as soon as I saw one on her wrist too !
So yeah, we're still daddy's little girls.
And being fair to both kids, my dad just have to buy one for me during his outing with my sister yesterday.
Thank you AYAH !! 
This watch fooled everybody.
It may look like the 5-digit pricey Chanel J21 (ohhhh how I wish! ) ;
But it's actually an RM250 Fossil !
And the material is plasteramic, and the crystal looks like diamonds ! hehe..
This plasteramic hype started off when ToyWatch USA introduced line of watches that looks like hard metal exxy watch.
It's super lightweight and comes in tons of gorgeous colours.
It has been spotted on Sandra Bullock.
Also on the ever so cute Sophia Bush.
And even Michelle Obama !
Today, not only ToyWatch, but other brands too has come out with plasteramic watches, such as Fossil, Guess, and Diesel. 

I think I may need a white and a red too..

(pics googled from the net)


  1. Love how michelle obama match her TW with her scarf. I want the TW in teal! =P

  2. wahhhh really nice!!! memang nampak cam chanel!

  3. Irene !!
    why couldn't i find a RED TW??
    mmg takde ke?

  4. hah, kan NANA.. sama kan?
    tetiba je i rasa mcm gempak giller.. hehehe

  5. I google ada. Maybe out of stocks tak?

  6. Huwwaaaa
    tak best laaaa camni..
    Awat i google kluar yg tahun lepas punya? Ruby pink?
    Ada ke red yg mcm teal style tu?

  7. Michelle Obama has the right idea - PURPLE all the way! It looks great on her, too. ;)


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