Friday, February 17, 2012

Origami is not a paper art..

I am not referring to this art of paper folding thingy.

But I am looking at this damn bloody cool stroller!!

Have a look at this video and then try and tell me otherwise!

It is the world's very first power-folding stroller, complete with LCD, daytime running lights, and onboard generator. 
Press a button to watch it open and close by itself.
And wait till you see that it has an iPhone charger on the handle too!!
Superrrrr convenient for mommy (and daddy too of course!)
And where can you find strollers with such headlights??
Well, not that we will be strolling in the dark, but fabulous to know that it's auto censor enables when in low light ambiance.

Nadz, you are solely to be blamed for this.
If you haven't told me, it would have never triggered back my obsession towards strollers!
Now, I can't get it out of my head!

Anyone going to United Stated that can bring back this baby for moi?

(pics googled from the net, clip from youtube)


  1. i know someone from Malaysia that can help u to own this origami..

  2. Puan Jelita..
    Seller nih jual murah... RM3900..
    can receive ur origami 2 weeks after payment...

  3. macam besor je kalau lipat babe.. tapi series style lah

  4. thanks Julie for the info.
    lets just wait and see if i can still control my stroller meroyan ni.. haha..

  5. hi qistina..
    actually u are right.
    it doesn't fold to a compact size.
    and other features are just like any other strollers anyways..

    (trying to talk sense to myself.. hehe)

  6. wow, nearly 4k meh...tapi memang cool giler

  7. babe, u should own one meh ..
    errr .. knowing you !

  8. Nurman,
    dgn 4k tu, i laagggii nak beli LV laa rasanya.. huhu..

  9. its meeee > tempted.. very tempted..

  10. omg cool nye stroller harga wat u said,baik i beli lv lg satu.hahaha

  11. these are really amazing paper folding. Since I was a kid I really love to make that paper swan. I think I should also pursue on doing advance paper folding using this HP paper.


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