Monday, February 07, 2011

Abacus (the correct one) - checked!

Yes, this is the right one, my dear fellow parents!

Well, that's what I seriously am thinking because there's one maths exercise in the text book using visuals of this type of abacus.

And wow, this one is really hard to find!
I mean hard to find in excellent condition as most of them are already broken!
This abacus was about hmm..I forgot the exact price, but around RM15 at MPH and made of such cheap lousy wood!

Please let me know if any of you managed to find one with good quality.
For now, we'll just have to settle with this.


  1. aku pi cari kat mph alamanda takde pun abakus ni aida..huhu..ko beli kat mph mane eh? susah le nak cari benda ni..hehehe

  2. tu laa.. susah laa sue nak carik..
    byk rosak..
    nnt aku try tgk kat kedai buku lain kalu ada aku bagitau ko..
    sebab memang nak cari yg good quality sket.. yg ni memang rapuh bebenor kayu tu..

  3. oo dah beli eh.. alamak i nak call my niece asik lupa je.. nak ask her to teach me how to use.. since dia belajar kat kindy dia dulu... nanti i tanye sekali my bro where didi he bought the abacus myb kindy dia kot yg provide dulu...

  4. hi dd..
    tu laa.. susah gak nak carik sempoa cenggini..
    semalam pi kedai buku popular pon takde.
    ingat nak cari yg sturdy sket.
    this one memang kayu plywood nipis and lompang je.. jatuh sket, terus retak!


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