Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sumsum berlauk has returned !

I love weekends (and holidays)!
For the reason that all my relatives around Klang Valley will get together to break-fast at one place.
And once again this week, the ever so famous sumsum berlauk, made its comeback!

True, I don't know how to make this.
But my grandma does ! Hehe..
Ok, I'll make an entry of it, one of these days, if I managed to get her to spill me the how-to.

Our family tree is genormous.
And during gathering times like this, we have to split ourselves up to eat.
The male clan usually gets to dine on the table.

And the ladies plus kiddies, get to have the real dining experience.

Feast your eyes on the ever so delicious and plenty of desserts !
You wouldn't even noticed that our main meal was Curry Mee ! bwahahaha

Here's some of my cousins, patiently waiting for the Azan.

Yeayyyy.. another 9 more days to go till Eid !!

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