Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just arrived

 ..but I haven't got the chance to peek yet..
..have to run off to a meeting..
..stay tuned.. more pics to follow..

p/s: however, the ribbon does match my coach powder blue poppy pocket hobo though.. hehe..


  1. cepat! cepat! bukak! oooooooppppsss ada orang terlebih excited plak!!!the normal feelings that strucks me when i have something new!!! hehehe...takk sabar-sabar hehehe...

  2. hi irene.. jEM..
    sorrryyyy for the late blog follow up..
    i was indeed very busy and tired too for the past few days..
    but just managed to update it..
    better late than never.. hehe..
    so, check it out..
    and jangan terliur, udah laaa... bwahahahha


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