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Kokopelli yeahhh.. koko..

Thousand apologies to my officemate.
They have been very annoyed with me snapping pics each time we're out lunching but the pics never made it out of my iphone!
Yeah, sorry mates.. you know how busy I am these days..
Anyway, I'm making it up to them with this post.

Date : 29th October 2010
Venue : Kokopelli Travellers Bistro
Time : 12noon-ish

QZ was the one who introduced us to this place.
Actually, we already came here a week before the fasting month, but unfortunately it was already closed for the Ramadhan period.
Hence today, QZ made the effort to call in advance, to confirm on the opening.

It is located at Section 14/ 46 Petaling Jaya, near the Masjid "Bulat" Seksyen 14.
It looks just like any ordinary single storey bungalow with no huge signboards or whatsoever notice board on the gate nor on the side walk.
Only written on the front door.
I bet this place looks stunning during the night because the lamps here are really dazzling.

First things first, although they're only two customers in the bistro, we decided to quickly order the food, in case it took some time to prepare.
First impression counts, and I have to say, the menu is not impressive at all.
It is made of just plain white A4 paper , in black prints, not even coloured.
But as I look closely, the menu uses creative words with a homely touch.

The walls, ceilings, tablecloth are all in white, making the place stands exquisitely well with the chairs' red cushions and table décor. 
There's not a single plain wall in sight as all of them are filled with picture frames, paintings, art work and decorative mirrors.
There is this full size book shelves located right next to the dining area filled with books, encyclopaedias, and all sorts of decorations that makes you feel just like home!

Seriously I'm telling ya, this place is awesome!
And I'm not talking about the food yet.
I just couldn't sit still, and decided to roam around the house which then I stumbled into this room, where you can have private dining for 10 people, in case you want to celebrate birthdays here.
There's a mini kitchen area, for making drinks, which I love the way they decorate it with colourful bottles.
Yup, this place could be an inspiration for you in home-decor, as mostly, I believe are Ikeas anyways.

You must order this drink, it is called "Leaving on a jet plane".
Yes, it is a song title, an old song to be exact, written by Jon Denver in year 1966, and used in Armageddon movie.
This mocktail is a mixture of soda, citrus lime, papaya and has the tinge sweetness of pineapple.
It came as yellowish shade but you need to stir it up, mix them all and bam, it turns red!
I know, I'm soooooo lame at this stuffs, it just amazes me everytime! LOL!

The drinks came in less than 5 minutes, which to my record, that is superrrrr quick indeed.
Clockwise from top left is another mocktail called "Fly me to the moon" (which I believe a combination of soda, and citrus lime only because it doesn't carry that much flavour as the "Leaving on a jet plane" if I must say so myself), warm water (yes, it comes in perfect warm temperature, serves in a clear bottle - according to QZ, it's Ikea's too), hot chocolate (got my "A" certified choco taste) and mocha latte (sorry, it's too bitter for my tongue, I'm giving it a "C" in my coffee rating)

Now lets move on to the food, shall we.
For a fusion concept, the food were served awesomely quick, and it tasted no less than average!
Clockwise from top left is the seafood olio (love it! and reminder, please make sure to specifically mentioning the word "non-spicy" because this Malaysian owner bistro will by default serves it with cili padi !! ), beef mee-soup (nicely flavoured indeed!), fried kuew teow (sorry ladies, it tasted just so-so.. nothing special in my record), pizza (ohmygod this is delicious! it's cooked to perfection, definitely the best home made pizza ever tasted!), beef roasted pasta (another wow - on the food, not the person :p ), caesar salad (ohhhh I loveeeee this!) and the last one is the potato skin filling (or as Gya put it, begedil)

We had a blast passing around the plates and savour each others dishes, like always.
And it felt like extra special this time due to the fancy looking plates and bowls.
We end our lunch with a special dessert called the trifle, which consists of layers of cake, custard, blueberries, jelly, and whipped cream.
I managed to snap more pics of the décor while making our way out after that.
It really surprises me that there still exists such picnic luggage bag, that mostly seen in the older "English" movies.
The bistro owner also displayed seasonal items, which at this time, it was the halloween.
It indeed feels like home.

And once we're out, nope, it's not over yet.
We then scout the outer premise and gawk at the splashes of paints on the table, floor, and walls.
It's so simple yet very creative.

The discovery of the day is "pokok burung".
I have never seen this in my entire life, but let me tell ya, it really does look like a tiny bird living inside the petal... amazing, yet soooo creepy! 
I tried googling it, but couldn't find the scientific name. Let me know if you do.

We were so intrigued with taking pics of everything about Kokopelli, that we end up with crappy pics of ourselves.. Bummer! I know! 
Sorry Hud, Skin, Gya, QZ, Nad and Zie!
Oh well, at least we had fun, didn't we? hehe..
So, ladies, where shall we go lunch next?

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