Monday, November 08, 2010

Treasuring my Trevi

Recently, Fina just called me queen of LV, which absolutely surprises me because I don't have much LV anyways, so, maybe it's due to my blogger avatar.
Then, JeM and Nini said that they are lusting for a Trevi, which reminds me about my own Trevi, and how long have I stopped blogging about bags.
Gosh, what happened to me?

Is there ever such possibility that I might loose interest in bags?
Errrrr... NOT !
I'm just so occupied with work lately that blogging is now considered as a huge effort for me.
But of course I still stretch my neck to look at that girl's bag across the other LRT coach.
Of course I still secretly twitch my eyes to glance at that lady's bag while in the elevator.
Of course I still pretend to buy tictacs at the counter top just to look at the lady's wallet while she's paying for her snacks.

Trevi is my 4th Louis Vuitton bag.
If you noticed, so far, I've been buying only limited edition released LV bags.
This is because I'm not so much of a fan towards the permanent prints.
Permanent here means that it is a year-round collection.
But this Trevi Damier Ebene is the one and only to break the rules.
It took me some time to decide on either the Hampstead PM or Trevi PM.
Well, actually, to be honest, I'm still thinking on that Hampstead now.
But don't cha just feel silly to get another one in ebene? (talk to me out of it, will ya!)

I have tons of Coach bag charms at the moment, so, you will see me mixing them brands, now and then.
Trevi Damier Ebene PM, the PM stands for "petit modèle" that means small size in french.
This Trevi design comes in two sizes only, small and large, which is known as the GM, "grande modèle".
Besides in Damier Ebene, this Trevi design also can be special ordered in Damier Azur prints (the white-grey chequered) because LV don't make Trevi in Azur as part of its collection.

Besides the gorgeous pleats up front, here are some features of Trevi Damier Ebene PM;

  • PM Size 13.4" (L) x 9.4" (H) x 5.9" (W) 
  • Coated canvas material in Damier Ebene prints, combination of two chocolate tones forming  chequered pattern.
  • Double rounded handles and trimmings in dark chocolate patent leather.
  • Zip top closure with brass engraved zipper pull. 
  • Two Interior slip pockets
  • Removable leather strap for shoulder carry.
  • Base studs on to bottom part of the bag, for protection against scratches when placed down.
  • Red alcantra lining (microfibre)
It has a removable shoulder strap, which to be used when you want to shoulder carry the Trevi, but if you ask me, I would say that I can still shoulder carry it by the double rolled handles because the Trevi handle is not as small as the speedy handle.
I love this Trevi, although at times I do wish that the extra strap is a tad longer so I can cross-body sling it while taking the LRT.
Yeah, the Trevi extra shoulder strap looks great with the gold buckle and all, but it's really not adjustable.
What a shame :p


    1. cantiknye kakkkkk ... grrr

    2. i dah tak tahan tengok trevi ni...same as you tgk hampstead :-D

      i dah jadi mcm you...shud i get another damier ebene??? waaaaaaa..can't make up my mind...kena pk and pk jugak coz by next week i kena decide!

      i like trevi coz boleh shoulder handy if outing ngan kids!

    3. hah JeM,
      konon laaaa hamsptead tu takleh shoulder carry ekk?? huhu
      banyak laaaa songel..
      dah.. dok diam diam..
      ni aku tgh menahan nafsu gak untuk kaut hamsptead ni..
      kan? tak logik kan ada dua ebene.. mcm poyo je.. it's like u have DUA BAJU yg sama, cuma satu tu kurung, satu lagi tu blaus.. hah.. logik?
      agak nya berjaya tak explanations aku ni..

    4. ahhh the Hampstead is sungguh berbaloi if you are looking for a work bag. I memang suka sangat! Unfortunately, I have to stop buying bags at the moment .. uuuwaaaa!!!!

    5. goodness...I looove the Trevi <3
      its such a classic and with the charm it gives it a pop of colour :D

    6. Nana, dahh.. jgn nak mula api-apikan i ngn hampstead ni plak..
      my head is already having a hard time justifying it with my heart!

    7. thanks Ms. Champagne!!
      long time no see!
      how are u dear? hope all is good.

      thanks for the comment!
      i love to use charm so to make it look different incase i end up in the same room with some other lady carrying it!

    8. Trevi is definitely in my wishlist (so do hamsptead) . InsyAllah. . The one that u have PM eh? It looks quite roomy coz I was thinking of getting the GM but it's too massive for my petite build .. It will look funny but I need a bit of space in it. I seen someone carrying it, same
      Build and porportion like me , but it look waaayy smaller. Thts y I'm think of GM instead. .. How tall are u if u don't mind me asking? PM seems alright now ;)

    9. hi Deloress!
      thanks for reading my blog!
      Yes mine is PM and i am 5ft 3inch.
      i tried the GM but hubby said he could hardly see my clothes because it hides my torso, completely!
      but well, that's my hubby's opinion though.
      u shud try it out and if you can rock it, go for it.
      another point to note that trevi PM is heavier than the hampstead MM, which i think the trevi GM weight might be too much to handle with stuffs in it.
      just my honest opinion ;)

    10. The Trevi GM is HEAVY! I owned it but with all my junk inside it was entirely too much so I sold it on Ebay. If anything, I'll get a PM later.

    11. thanks for dropping by anon!
      hope u like my blog! do drop by again sometime!

      agree with u on the heavy GM..
      hope u get your PM later.. muahss!
      take care!


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