Saturday, November 13, 2010

Orientation day - checked!

It was today!

Orientation for the Standard One year 2011!
I knowwwww... so soon, aye??!

Woke him up at 7am, had cereal Trix for breakfast and we were out of the house by 7.45am.

We bought Amin's uniform three days ago, at the Professor store at Level 2, Giant KJ supermarket.
It was the smallest size, but still have to fold 3-rolls at the bottom part of the pants.
I packed him 2 pencils, a bunch of basic colour-pencils, a ruler, an eraser, all into his transformers transparent case.

Mommy was superrr excited.
Well duhhhh, my baby boy is going to school today!
It's orientation day, I know, but still..
He's gonna make his first step inside the school !
Don't forget to take picture with mommy first, of course!

Oh thank god it was a great sunny day today!
Just perfect for snapping pictures!
Hubby was reluctant to bring the camera, but who cares!
I am the one that will be taking the pictures!

We arrived at 8am, just in time for the line up..
They are lined according to Class 1 till 7, based on earlier registration date..
And we're in Class 1, as hubby actually registered Amin in this school, more than a year ago.

I was very excited and nervous though, as the school will be conducting a brief test, to determine the classes next year.
The test is important so that kids who knows how to read and count will not have to be in class learning alphabet all over again.
The kids were then directed into respective classes to take the test, while the parents were being shooed towards the assembly hall for the session with the school committee.

We were told that there were more than 300 applications for enrolment but only 128 kids were accepted in based on quota.
This was hubby's ex-primary school.
Mine was at Kelana Jaya.
It was hubby who insisted that Amin gets a place at this school.

Listening to the PIBG talk just not my thing!
So, I sneaked out of the hall to check on Amin.
Apparently he already finished the less than 30 minutes test, and no, I did not know the result yet, but I was happy to find out that he took my advice and sat at the front row!

And to be exact, he sat in front of the teacher's table!
Excellent, my child ! LOL

We then took the free subsidised text book, bought the exercise books and badges and tie from the book store.. no kidding, yes, there is actually a tie, to be worn on Mondays as it is the assembly days.
The teachers took the kids on tour of the area, and everything was adjourn by 10am.

Phewww.. that was quick..
Orientation day - checked!
Can't wait for the first day of school !!


  1. jap je dah besar kan aida...hensem amin...good luck amin.. :)

    apsal aku tak dgr plak skolah lutfi ade orientation day eh....hmmm..

  2. wow cepatnya boy is going to standard one jugak next second time..experienced mommyla hehe..:-))

  3. huwaaaaa SUE !!
    ko tau dak aku nak nangis ni, knowing that he is all grown up.. sedih siottt.. excited pon yer, sedih pon yer..

  4. JeM, caya laaa u experienced mommy!
    u kena buat satu post spesel untuk i yg serba gelabah ni..
    camner nak adapt to their timetable, how to study together, how to make sure he enjoy school, how to make sure mommy ni sendiri tak emo on the 1st week!
    tapi yg first skali is how to train him to pee & poo, tanpa cabut kasut/ sluar semua skali!! susah ni weeeiiii!!

  5. aiyoooo awat sekolah efi lambat lagi..kakakkaka

    but yeah they grew up just too fast kan?

  6. Seronok tgk sekolah Amin dgn tie bagai handsome u!!!

    It's all gonna be fine...I dulu pun sama mcm u risau itu ini last2 everything is fine kecuali masa awal2 tu asyik tertukar barang so my lesson everything nak kena label.

  7. elin, sedih siot..
    time flies so fast.. tup tup dah besar dah.. i'm worried sick ni.. nak pilih bas skolah mana, transit nursery mana.. takut dia kena buli ke.. makan minum dia nnt camner.. sometimes i feel like i nak berenti kerje je so that i can be the one to hantar/amik dia balik, bagi mkn and all.. sigh.. bagi advice sket beb!

  8. thanks irene for the tips..
    ehh.. yg pensil ni semua, ko cellotape nama ke? all stationeries? aper lagi nak kena label ni?


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