Monday, December 27, 2010

School Uniform - checked!

Ever met somebody who would travel 4 hours up north to Penang just to buy their kid's school uniform?
That sounds like us!
Hubby insisted that we buy all Amin's school uniforms and shoes at his old time shop located here at Penang Road.
According to him, the quality is superb and unbelievably different from others.
The whole road spans with similar type shops- selling school uniforms, so, don't be mistaken as the name to look for is HinG Lee.
The shop is complete with everything a parent needs for their kid's-kick-start-schooling-days.
From all range of uniform sizes, types, colours.. variety of shoe selections stacked up to the shop's ceiling.

And check out the old-school belts !! Aaaawwww.. I missed out on this great invention! At only RM2.50 .. Believe it ! Haha
Now, up next is the washing and ironing phase..
Yikesss.. Me definitely not looking forward to that!


  1. Wow, seriously banyak choices, i'll visit this post again when my daughter ready to school..hahaha

  2. Haha.. yes you should Nurman..
    It is surprising for a single shop like this to last more than two decades, if it's not for its quality.
    No promotion needed. Simply just word of the mouth.

  3. beb,

    My mom did just that mase aku masuk darjah satu... haha nostalgia siot.. orang penang mmg cam nih kot.

  4. hahahaa
    i think so too laa..
    the we-love-penang spirit runs deep in them!
    layannn je laaaa..


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