Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A Sad Day 3

.. because today will be the last day that parents are allowed to camp inside the school !Huwaaaaaa...
My baby boy is gonna be all alone from tomorrow onwards!

Especially when during today's recess time, I actually saved 2 boys from crying.
Coincidentally both sat around the same canteen table with Amin.
The first one, opened his lunch tupperware too hard, causing the nuggets to burst out flying and dropped on the floor.
We helped him up by buying for him a stick of 3-nuggets sold from the canteen.
The second boy, bought a wrapped nasi lemak from the canteen and opened it upside down, causing the rice to drop all over himself.
He already wiped his eyes with gleaming tears but I managed to stop the sobbing by offering to buy him a stick of nuggets instead, as I saw him then eyeing the boy next to him.

Mommy's getting worried..

Seriously, I wish there'll be teachers standby at the canteen to help out these newbies during recess.
Who knows whats gonna happen to my boy tomorrow!! 
I know.. I know..
I must have faith, and let Allah handles the rest.
But this motherly instinct in me just cannot calm down.

Hmm.. maybe I need to set a CCTV at the canteen, just for my viewing?
Or, maybe I should go shopping?
As I am still on leave this whole week.
I am gonna be restless tomorrow..
HELP !!!

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  1. Hey...Amsyar pun beli nasi lemak bungkus, bukak up side down jugak...tumpah... Luckly ada kakak, so kakak bought him another nasi lemak and helped him out..but bila kakak told me the incidence, rasa nak menangis Mamanya! Alhamdulillah the next day.. he did it by himself. Hope Amin is doing fine!


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