Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sucker for Mieng Kam

Nope, it's not a person, but it's a food.
Well, although, I am a person that loves it.
It is a thai-snack to be exact which we'll take it as an appetizer.
Consists of cha plu leaves (daun kadok), dried shrimp, lemon, onions, ginger, chilli, roasted peanuts, coconuts, and the uttermost secret ingredient is the delicious-sweet-sour paste!

How to eat it?
Simple, just put a little bit of everything onto the leaves, fold the leaves, put the leaves into mouth and munch.
I could eat this whole day, seriously!
It's like a mixture of all flavours at once.
And the place that introduced me to this, is none other than, Basil.
Located inside Bangsar Village, very convenient for us to visit often.
Just for the record, this was our 24th November 2010 luncheon.

It is a Thai cuisine, serving spicy Tom Yam and all, but I'm rating the Tom Yam here as so-so, coz for me, Phai Lin is the best.
That reminds me, I should make a review of it.. hmm..

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  1. wow that looks so good.. is it authentic Thai? I should try to find it somewhere here in Toronto! Are the leaves very fragrant?


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