Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Best hotdog E.V.E.R

Approved and acknowledged by both of my kids, of course.
No, I do not make my own hotdog.
It's more of just me being creative with the food.

Alright, here are the steps.
First, boil the hotdog till they're fat and cooked.

Second, cut them up to pieces like this.

Next, fried them on the pan with a little oil or butter.

Flip them so that both sides are brown and yeah they will taste crunchy, better than just plain-boiled-hotdog.

Then, smile and go get the secret ingridient..

Ohhhh look at how beautiful the cheese when it melts!

And then just swoosh and swishh the magic spatula.



Nurman said...

definitely i akan cuba di rumah

IreneYaya said...

Gud idea!

jelita78 said...

thanks nurman!
so, have i tried it yet?
idak laa susah sgt kan.. just add in cheese je..

jelita78 said...

simple je irene..
still takleh lawan your cooking laa..
nnt letak tau resipi molten cake you tu!!

nqr said...

suka!!!leh buat utk bekai anak ke sekolah!tapi stok yg halal dh abisss..kena p turkish shop carik dlu..

jelita78 said...

thanks nqr !
yup, reinvention of ways to cook hotdog je.. no big deal, but it really taste delicious!
have fun testing it out!

nqr said...

kita mak mak nak jugak cicah sos cili wei.hahhahaa

jelita78 said...

hehe.. oh sila.. sila..
sos cili thai.. ohhhh sedapppnyerrr...


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