Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dibo says " Congrats to .. "

I want this COACH Monkey Lanyard because it would be a perfect gift to my wife who is lovable, caring and workaholic too. She definitely flash this cute lanyard to her office colleague and says "this ain't monkey business guys, I'm serious about my work"
Hubby and I thought this is the most spontaneously creative comment and hence, you deserve to win it.
Nurman, please email me (jelita78[at] your mailing address so I can post this first thing Monday morning!

Thanks to  dd, mama_alifsarah and fiezachommel for your participation in my first giveaway.


  1. Alhamdulillah, never won anything from blog before ha ha thank you so much jelita

  2. you are most welcome! :)
    thank YOU for participating!
    jgn lupa to email me your mailing address yer..

  3. hah.. ni from NURUL RAHMAN lak..
    org yg sama ekk?
    just to make sure..
    kang kena hijack lanyard ni.. hehe..


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