Monday, February 14, 2011

Dibo says " It's GIFT time ! "

Thanks to all for your participation !

I'm giving this, to YOU!
As a GIFT!

Just because.
I've been blessed with so many great friends and now, I want to give back.
But since I have only ONE gift, so, there is going to be only ONE lucky friend getting it.

What you need to do now is be my blog follower by clicking on the 'FOLLOW' icon on the left side bar of this blog and then fill in this sentences "I want this COACH Monkey Lanyard because ........... " by leaving in comment to this post.

One follower is eligible for one comment only.
Last day of comment will be by 11.59pm of Friday 18th Feb 2011.
Yup, that'll be more than enough time for you to think of the best reason.
Hubby and I will pick the most genuine entry and winner will be announced on the following day Saturday 19th Feb 2011.

Have fun thinking !


  1. "I want this COACH Monkey Lanyard because it would be a perfect gift to my wife who is lovable, caring and workaholic too. She definitely flash this cute lanyard to her office colleague and says "this ain't monkey business guys, I'm serious about my work" - hehe genuine tak?

  2. Absolutely genuine, Nurman!!
    Thanks for joining in the fun!

  3. "I want this COACH monkey lanyard because i dont have one and i would like to have one..." say dibo-dibo-di... :)

  4. haha.. yes dd, i can see u doing the annie-dance for gift from dibo ;)

  5. hmmmm mana follower puny link tu? heheeh .. i ni blur sikit :(

  6. aiseyyy nana..
    blurrr memanjang lah u ni..
    on the side tab > scroll ke bawah sket > lepas i punya "Whats for sale" shop tu.. ada "Who's Reading Me"..
    then u click the FOLLOW icon..

  7. "I want this COACH Monkey Lanyard because it is COACH and its FREE from u ;D"

    - sounds good dear?

  8. I want this COACH Monkey Lanyard because....I'm also addicted to COACH as you.May be we change prize after this?

  9. thanks for participating mama_alifsarah..
    free gifts do sounds good..
    insyaAllah, i will have more giveaway in the future..
    doakan supaya murah rezeki ni..
    who knows then, the winner might me u ;)

  10. great to know that u love coach too fiezachommel !
    hah, great idea!
    i'm gonna be following your blog for giveaways too!


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