Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : When Karl gone fishing

(pics courtesy of Mrs E)


  1. Mcm2 idea dia. Sungguh creative! I think this is one of the line of the whimsical designs. I loike ada satu clutch tu yg shape mcm radio tape. That's why I don't feel like an old lady when wearing a Chanel coz Karl always bring fresh and creative ideas! ;)

  2. The name is CANABIERS flap from Chanel Spring Summer 2011 Collection.

  3. serious irene, kita memang taste lain.. aku tak suka lansung yg ni..
    memang mcm pi tangkap ikan..

  4. Aiseh i don't say I like this bag I mean mcm2 je idea Karl ni buat design bukan sepesen hak tu lerrrr jek. =P

  5. bwahahha..
    sorry.. salah paham laa..
    yup.. i think he has to do that if he wants to keep chanel strong in the classic-flap-style-world.. that is actually the only thing that defines chanel being a chanel, if u get what i mean..

  6. hik!hik!!! yang pelik nye ada orang yang will buy the bag! hehe! it looks like the bag is wearing socks pun ada hahah! ;D


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